Our Story

Since 1977, our brand has been associated with more than 300 franchisors. 

We have helped thousand of prospects qualify and be awarded

franchise units, multi-unit, and area development agreements. 

We are experts in franchise development and sales.

Meet The Team

Today FranchiseInc! continues to offer clients coordinated strategic planning, legal services, real estate, operations, marketing, training and support services.

Kenneth D. Aselton


As a founder, Ken has more than 20 years experience in the franchise and consulting industry. An expert in franchise development, Ken has lead several franchisors into high rankings in the Franchise 500.  Ken is a U. S. Army veteran.

Dr. Robert A. Needham

Founder/Executive Vice President

As a founder, Dr. Needham brings more than 30 years experience business and franchise development.  Dr. Needham as a JD (Law) and a Ph.D. in Business Administration. Dr. Needham has helped more than 300 brands in franchise development and sales. Dr. Needham is a U.S. Air Force veteran.

FranchiseInc! A Proven Choice

Our leadership team has the experience and track record of developing quality franchise concepts into elite status within the franchise community.  Many of our award-winning franchisors were small start-up concepts when we became their franchise development company.  We have grow several concepts from 1 or 2 locations to several hundred. 

In addition, we have helped thousands of prospective franchisees qualify and be awarded single, multi-unit, and area development franchise agreements.

Simply said, we get the job done! 

Our Company Mission

To be the premier franchise development and consulting company.

Our Experience

Our brand has been in the franchise industry since 1977.  It began with the late James (Jim) Bell who was a CPA and franchise developer. 

Dr. Needham, purchased the brand from Jim in 2006 and developed FranchiseInc! into a national network of consultants.  FranchiseInc! over the years has been involved in the development of more than 300 brands. 

In 2011, Ken Aselton, became our president and had focused the company on niche markets and we have taken our development clients to as high as Franchise 50 status.  Many in the Franchise 500.

Today, we are searching for the next dynamic brands for the franchise industry, we invite you to share your ideas with us.


Personal Attention

Our Home Office Team, in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, provides the highest quality of customer service to our clients.  We have a Network of experts in real estate selection, back office operations, compliance, due diligence, analysis, stategic planning, legal, accounting, franchise sales and more.

Our Customer Support Team works with pre-qualified franchisee prospect and seeks to properly match them with the right franchisors.

We also work with affiliate franchise brokers from several networks in the placement of qualified franchise prospects.

Next Steps

Call us to discover why and how our clients are
reaching the Franchise 500 year after year.