Reality what a concept, you perception is your reality. As you think about purchasing a franchise, you need to Assess what your environment has lead you to believe is true.

We all get the opinions from others such as family, co-workers, friends, etc. Often these create fears, opinions, and expectations. Think of it like a GPS; a set of instructions telling you which way to go. Your belief system causes you to form assumptions, a map, which cause you to behave a certain way.

Often these beliefs actually contain false information; but because they came from someone you trust you accept them as true. Your GPS often won’t change until you have what is called a Significant Emotional Event (SEE). SEEs help you to see reality a different way. Unfortunately, you have to have a crisis to change.

At FranchiseInc!, we strive to provide you truthful information based on years of experience to help you avoid a crisis and make informed decisions.

Dr Robert A. Needham