The American Dream? Some say it is to own a home others would say it is to own a business. What is it for you? Suppose there was an equation, that if you used it to evaluate your life – It would show you how to make your dreams come true… Would you want me to share it with you?

In the mid-80’s I developed this simple equation.

On the left is your dream list. After surveying more than 10,000 people, this list is common: Own a home; have a nice car; educate my children; good health; retire with dignity; and some adult toys (boat, RV, etc.)

On the right is your vehicle. It could be your JOB, a business, a mutual fund, an inheritance, etc. This vehicle is multiplied times a fraction (center).

On the top of the fraction is time. It is a constant to be managed but we all have just 24 hours in a day. It is added to money. Money is either earned, saved, or gifted.

What I want you to focus on is the denominator, the “distractions” at the bottom. See if our distractions are greater than our time and money then we get a fraction, a number less than 1. When multiplied times a vehicle, your vehicle is always less than you expected.

KEY: All distractions are equal!

THE SECRET: If you want your dreams to come true, time, money and a vehicle are important, but the real secret is to

Minimize Your Distractions To Maximize Your Dreams!

Dr. Robert A. Needham